Back in the studio

On our last marine shoot, our client asked us to capture a few studio shots of the brand-new (and, at the time, top-secret) Bayliner Element. Without a doubt, this new boat is a very big deal for Bayliner and for the boating world in general. For a small boat, I thought it had attractive lines above the water and some pretty aggressive lines below the water; I really was looking forward to the challenge of producing a few shots of this innovative craft with dramatic lighting in a studio setting.

So, we started looking for a suitable studio space to rent in the Sarasota area. Although there are several great studios, none worked out either due to space limitations (we had to get a boat and trailer through the door) or because it was outside our budget. Our producer, Jinx, finally found an aircraft hangar that we could rent for a few hours at the Sarasota airport. It turned out to be just about a perfect space. We were escorted to the hanger and worked on getting the boat off its trailer and onto Styrofoam blocks. After an unexpected trip to West Marine for some heavy-duty boat jacks, we were able to get her onto the blocks successfully.

Because of our tight schedule, we only had a couple of hours to light and shoot the boat — but in the end, it worked out pretty darn well. For me, it was great to be back in a studio environment after so many years of location shooting, and we all enjoyed the creative challenges of such an artsy, dramatic assignment.

You can see Bayliner’s teaser video with the still images here.


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