La Paz, MX

La Paz is just a great town. If you ever want to experience the real Mexico, this is definitely a great place to visit. You don’t get harassed by shopkeepers like you would in Cabo, Cancun or Cozumel, the food is simply fantastic and the cost of living is low. Best of all, there are no hordes of annoying tourists in ridiculous attire being obnoxious. I like that part the best. And the people who call this city home are the friendliest you’ll ever meet. Unfortunately the city is also hurting, not just because of the recession but because there is a misconception that all of Mexico is a dangerous place to visit. It is not. In fact when compared to towns of similar size in California, La Paz ranked #3. So if you want to get away for a bit, hang out on spectacular beaches by yourself and eat the best fish tacos, maybe come on down. The waters are pretty nice…





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