So Worth it…

Three words. Three small words that have big meaning for a variety of people, for different reasons. I got hit with these three words during lunch at a great little BBQ place near Knoxville, TN one afternoon last month. I was having lunch with a friend and client and our reason for meeting was the Bayliner Boats photo shoot. See, every 15 years or so since the birth of Bayliner in 1957, the slogan / motto of Bayliner has changed. It used to be until very recently “Bayliner – Where fun lives” and now it has changed to: “Bayliner – So Worth It”

What became apparent to me during our meeting and subsequent discussions leading up to the shoot is simple. Don’t screw this up as there is so much riding on the shoot. This shoot was to shape the entire ad campaign moving forward, to set the tone and to validate the underlying message: “So Worth It”

Our task was simple enough; In six days we were to photograph the interiors of the six largest Bayliner Yachts, provide set-up shots of five different boats in addition to running shots and lifestyle shots while working out of two different locations. No problem so far. In order to provide the very best, one needs to have the very best in the business to make it all work. And we did. Jude, Matt, Chris and Gary, I couldn’t have done it without you!

In the first three days we photographed the interiors of six boats inside Bayliner’s factory, we then relocated 35 miles south and went on to photograph two set-up shots, running shots, lifestyle shots plus features on each of the five boats in two and a half days. We did 7,349 images total. And we didn’t sleep much in those six days, but we got done what we set out to do. To provide our client with a image portfolio that shows his product at its best. That our imagery communicates these simple three words: “So Worth It”

I think we did ok.



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