Helicopter shooting for Boston Whaler

I’ve always wanted to show people what it’s really like to shoot out of a helicopter. Without a doubt, it’s one of the more exciting things you can do while taking photographs for a living. It’s even better if you’re flying with a pilot who happens to be one of the best in the business — Paul Barth with Camera Copter, Inc.

Last year, I took some footage while shooting for Boston Whaler Boats in the Florida Keys alongside my friend Ben Sampson from Mark Rackley Productions.

We ended up shooting for two hours, both inshore and (after refueling) offshore. It can be difficult shooting video and still photographs at the same time; with Paul, however, it works out great. We used one of his Hughes MD-500 camera ships, which is perfect for the job. The five-blade configuration allows for a smoother ride and less vibration. Also, as you’ll see in the video, both Ben and I are able to shoot out of the same side, as Paul is flying from the left seat. He also has a monitor that shows the live footage from Ben’s RED camera, which helps him line up the shots.

Anyway, here a little taste of what it’s like! More soon.

Heli-Shoot in Islamorada, Florida from Richard Steinberger on Vimeo.


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